Handy Hints

Handy Hints for Foster Carers and New Dog Owners

  • Regular feeding time and place, preferably away from where you feed your other pets.
  • Foster/new dog may require extra food if under-nourished. This may mean several meals during the day.
  • Raw bones during the day when you are going to be absent may reduce the likelihood of destructive behaviour eg: digging and barking.
  • Use the dog's name a lot and interact with him/her as much as possible.
  • Foster carers please report any problems (behavioural, health, etc) to your program contact person ASAP.
  • Always supervise the dog around children.
  • Ignoring the dog for ten minutes prior to leaving home may reduce separation anxiety.
  • Expect some jealousy between your own pets and the foster/new dog. This can be minimized by not over doing the attention initially with the foster/new dog, especially around your own pets.
  • Not all dogs are cat friendly so please take care of puss.
  • Not all dogs will be house trained and if foster carers are prepared to give the dog some training this will benefit the permanent owner.
  • Some dogs may need a regular brushing/grooming.
  • Although dogs have been vet checked, vaccinated and wormed before being placed with foster carers, there is still a risk that Parvo Virus may develop within 7 to 10 days. Symptoms include lethargy and vomiting. Phone your program coordinator immediately. Dogs should not be taken out in public until 2 weeks after vaccination. For puppies this is 2 weeks after their 2nd vaccination.
  • Unsterilized females may be pregnant; it is not always possible to tell in the early stages. New owners must have their rescue dogs sterilised at their earliest convenience if it has not already been done. All GDR dogs are sterilised. If your new dog is a puppy, a sterilisation voucher will be provided. You may even be asked to attend a pre-made appointment at the Vet for steriisation if for some reason this has not already been done.
  • Rescue dogs will be placed with foster carers wearing a GDR identification tag on their collar. New owners should place their registration tag on the dog immediately plus a name and phone number tag. Some dogs will be unsettled for a short time and may attempt to run away so please make sure they are secure.

Call Geraldton Dog Rescue: 0400 219 719
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