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Geraldton Dog Rescue

Geraldton Dog Rescue, run by volunteers, is designed to rehome suitable dogs from the City of Greater Geraldton dog pound. If unclaimed, dogs deemed suitable for rehoming are taken from the pound. They are bathed, have a veterinary check and treatments as required. They are then placed in a "foster home" whilst a permanent home is found for them.

All kinds of dogs become available for rehoming: small/large; short/long hair; bitsers/pedigrees; puppies/older dogs; male/female. Consider visiting Geraldton Dog Rescue before you go to a pet shop or breeder.

A new permanent owner will be required to pay from $400 to the program before the dog is handed over. This fee covers the cost of vet check, vaccination, microchip, worming, flea treatment and sterilisation. All dogs are to be registered with the Local Council prior to collection from Geraldton Dog Rescue.

Please go to the Adoption page for more details.

To all of those wonderful people who have adopted dogs through Geraldton Dog Rescue:

Please send us recent photos and a short description of how your new "best friend" is enjoying their new home. Your precious dog will have a starring role on our website.

Donations of dog food, toys, collars or leashes are always welcome. Please visit our Donations page for more information.

Oscar's Law
Oscars Law

Oscar’s Law is a campaign that enables everyone to make a stand and tell the Government that "We do not want companion animals factory farmed anymore” and "We no longer want the pet industry to mislead us about what is acceptable for our animals”.

You can help fight the genocide in Australia's pounds, promote rescue organisations and shelters as the first option to adopting, and change the way Australians gets their pets. Adoption is the intelligent alternative to impulse buying. No puppy factory whether it is 'clean', 'model', 'state of the art' or otherwise is the answer for man's best friend. Please click here or on the picture to the right to find out more.


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