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  • BROWNIE is a 5 month old male Red Cloud cross pup. Quite a gentle boy who doesn’t get overexcited. At a great age to start obedience training. To meet this lovely young dog, call GDR on 0400 219 719
  • Amber has been in care for a couple of months, raising a litter of 5 and now both are ready for their next adventure and permanent homes. Please call 0400219719
  • RAMBO is a male Ridgeback cross puppy approximately 8 weeks old. A happy, playful pup who loves a cuddle. Social with other dogs and loves his toys. He's ready to learn and for you leave a positive imprint on his life. If you would like to meet Rambo please call GDR on 0400 219 719.
  • MERLOT is a medium size male mixed breed approx. 12mths. A happy, friendly, beautiful dog who loves a cuddle. Loves people and other dogs. Playful and energetic so would suit an active home and be happy with a play mate. Sits on command and good on lead. If you would like to meet Merlot please call GDR on 0400 219 719.
  • MACE is a 5 year old Labrador Retriever/Mastiff cross. Nice gentle boy, who needs to lose a little weight. Some gentle exercise and a good diet should do the trick. To meet this lovely family dog, call GDR on 0400 219 719.
  • SADIE is a 2 year old female Jack Russell cross. Not yet ready for rehoming as Sadie is still playing Mum to her large litter - you may like to call 0400219719 to place an expression of interest.
  • Expression of Interest - Please phone Geraldton Dog Rescue 0400 219 719 if you would like to express your interest in this upcoming litter.
  • KENZIE is a 3 year old female, large mixed breed. She needs to shed a lot of weight and long walks and less food will do this. Very friendly affectionate girl, great with people and other dogs. Possibly housetrained. Walks well on lead, can sit and shake hands on command. To meet Kenzie please phone GDR on 0400 219 719.
  • AMBER - done with caring for her puppies and now looking for some "me" time in her own home with someone to look after her. Please phone GDR 0400 219 719 if you would like to meet Amber.
  • CHELLO - Medium sized mixed breed approx 4-5 months. Very scared when he arrived but had started to relax and his training is coming along nicely.
  • RUFUS is a small terrier X 8 week old pup. He is ready to start his training and is looking for a forever home full of love.
  • PINOT is a small male Terrier cross approximately. 12 months old with a low energy level. Very sweet and gentle but timid so in need of some extra TLC and patience. He enjoys a cuddle and will make a content lap dog once he trusts you. He is good with children and other dogs and cats. Pinot has come a long way in foster care and isn't a frozen, terrified "lump" that he was on rescue day. He will however require a home where he will have a companion dog to settle his fear of being left alone as he can be a little vocal when he is, but is fine with another dog. If you can give Pinot the love he deserves please call GDR on 0400 219 719.
  • PING is a very cute 12 week old male pup. His mum is a shorthaired Chihuahua X and dad could be a longhaired Papilion X. Ping has very thick fur which will require frequent brushing. Very social and playful with other small dogs. Slept well on his first night in care with no crying. To meet Ping and fall in love, call GDR on 0400 219 719.

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Please check out the dogs that are currently available at Geraldton Dog Rescue here to see if your new canine companion is patiently waiting for you today! If your dog preference isn't shown, please contact 0400 219 719 and speak with the coordinator to let them know what you are looking for - because tomorrow the perfect pooch may turn up.

It is a requirement of Geraldton Dog Rescue that anybody who is considering adopting one of our dogs, completes a rehoming questionnaire over the phone with one of our coordinators. This questionnaire helps us to determine which dog will be appropriate for your home and ensures our dogs will be adopted into a home suitable for them.

"Rescuing a dog from a shelter is a wonderful way to give a dog a second chance at life, and find yourself a new best friend". It is important that you select a dog that suits your family and lifestyle.

Please click here to receive a FREE guide explaining the first 7 days of adopting a rescue dog. This can be saved as a PDF to your computer.

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