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  • Ziggy
  • Riley
  • Rusty
  • Happy
  • AKIRA is a medium female mixed breed. Akira is very affectionate and loves being cuddled. She is extremely social with all dogs. She loves a trip to the beach and to go bushwalking. She is cat friendly once she gets to know them. She is good on a lead and even better off the lead, she is housetrained and has no food aggression issues. She loves her people so would prefer her family around most of the time and would benefit from having another dog for company.
  • DENI is a 3 ½ yr old male large mixed breed dog. Very placid and calm on rescue, very responsive to people and social with the other dogs. Can sit on command and good on the lead. Very strong and will need a firm hand on the lead or a halti.
  • LAYNE is a small, medium sized wire haired Terrier mix, approximately 3 years old. Very relaxed chilled dog who doesn’t need to be active at all times. Very loyal and loves to be close to her people. Would be ideal as an only dog or a companion to an older person.
  • NITRO is a large male mixed breed approximately 10 months old. All legs at this stage this sweet friendly goof is looking for a home that with put some time in, to create a well mannered and easily manageable large breed - his paws are huge. He’s comfortable, easy going in the home and backyard and is eager to learn having already picked up sit and drop with incentives. Nitro loves adults and toys alike but particularly enjoy interaction with children and will make an awesome family companion.
  • ZIGGY is a long legged female, with maybe some Kelpie and Hound in her mix. Fearful of confined spaces, possible not previously been allowed indoors, but she has good manners and can sit on command; walks well on a lead; travels easy in the car and OK with other dogs.
  • IVOREE is a female English Staffy cross approximately 6 years old. A lovely girl who knows some basic commands and was social with everyone and everything she met on rescue day. Any Staffy home would adore her - she has a confident but not overbearing personality. Walks ok on a lead but is strong and would enjoy some regular exercise but more so to be apart of your family.
  • MIDNIGHT is a 7 week old female pup, with maybe some Staff . A sweet little pup who has a tough start to life, and is now looking for a family of her own to love. **Midnight is not a pup of Ivoree
  • RILEY is a one year old male Stafford Bull Terrier mix. Very handsome man, certainly not guard dog material, he loves everyone. Social with other dogs on rescue day. Needs an active family to love.
  • RUSTY is a male mixed breed around 2 yrs old. He is a Jack Russell size with some heeler colouring. Could do with a lot more meat on his bones and LOTS of TLC. Sweet gentle boy who has never been on a lead and very frightened on rescue day but still had kisses for his rescuers. Social with other dogs and bonds quickly with anyone who shows him kindness.
  • HAPPY is a female Jack Russell cross, about 1 year old. A very happy, friendly little girl - even happier around children. Good in the car and walks on a lead.

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Please check out the dogs that are currently available at Geraldton Dog Rescue here to see if your new canine companion is patiently waiting for you today! If your dog preference isn't shown, please contact 0400 219 719 and speak with the coordinator to let them know what you are looking for - because tomorrow the perfect pooch may turn up.

It is a requirement of Geraldton Dog Rescue that anybody who is considering adopting one of our dogs, completes a rehoming questionnaire over the phone with one of our coordinators. This questionnaire helps us to determine which dog will be appropriate for your home and ensures our dogs will be adopted into a home suitable for them.

"Rescuing a dog from a shelter is a wonderful way to give a dog a second chance at life, and find yourself a new best friend". It is important that you select a dog that suits your family and lifestyle.

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