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  • MACE 3675
  • Merlot 1
  • DORY
  • KNOX
  • KIKI
  • steve1
  • Chello 1
  • sebie
  • CHOPPER is a 10 month old male, Dane/Mastiff Cross. Very gentle soul, very loving with people and other dogs. Walks well on a lead, can sit on command and shake hands. To meet this big gentle soul please phone GDR 0400 219 719.
  • MACE is a 5 year old Labrador Retriever/Mastiff cross. Nice gentle boy, who needs to lose a little weight. Some gentle exercise and a good diet should do the trick. To meet this lovely family dog, call GDR on 0400 219 719.
  • VENUS is a 1 year old female Staffy Cross. Beautiful friendly girl. Social with other dogs even small ones. Loves a ride in the car, walks on a lead and can sit oncommand. She is even housetrained and in a former life was an inside dog with an olderperson. Not been with children, and is frightened of thunder. She also LOVES water. Give her a shallow paddle pool of water and she is in heaven!
  • MERLOT is a medium size male mixed breed approximately 12 months old. A happy, friendly, beautiful dog who loves a cuddle. Loves people and other dogs. Playful and energetic so would suit an active home and be happy with a play mate. Sits on command and good on lead. He has been fostered with dog savvy cats but does like a chase if they run. If you would like to meet Merlot please call GDR on 0400 219 719
  • DORY is a female mixed breed puppy approximately 12 weeks of age. Nearly a blank canvas with a strong personality she will require a home that will assertively teach her, her place in the home and continue her training. Dory is food responsive when it comes to training but easily distracted and prefers to do her own thing. Social with other dogs and with plenty of puppy bounce a canine friend would be advantageous to keep her occupied while you are not home. We expect her to grow to a large breed size given the size of her paws and may continue to have a medium to high energy where regular exercise and stimulation will be beneficial. To meet DORY please phone GDR 0400 219 719
  • MADDIE is a mixed breed female pup around 4 months old. Social with other dogs. Just wants to be loved. At a good age to start training, lead work, obedience. To meet Maddie please call 0400219719
  • BENNY is a very good looking male Kelpie cross, about 1 year old. He has some manners and can sit on command. Very friendly happy boy. Social with other dogs and loves to play. To arrange to meet Benny, please phone GDR 0400 219 719.
  • KNOX is a male GSD cross. At 12 weeks he already weighs close to 11 kg. He is going to be a large size when fully grown. His foster carer says he is a big bundle of joy, very friendly and loves to cuddle. To arrange to meet KNOX, please call GDR on 0400 219 719.
  • RUBEN is a 6 month old male Terrier type. Nice natured boy, very energetic, sits on command and learning to walk on a lead. He would suit a family with children. He is quite well behaved & sits on command, but still learning not to jump up.�He is a happy, loving boy. Not sure about the cat yet but is inquisitive, not food aggressive at all. Everything is just so new and exciting to him. Very alert and would make a great watchdog. If you would like to meet Ruben please phone GDR 0400 219 719
  • KIKI is a female med-large mixed breed approximately 12 months of age. Life doesn't appear to have been easy for this scared gal but we know her life just got a whole lot better. So frozen with fear we can't tell you much at this stage, Kiki does know sit and only after a couple of hours she was gaining the trust of her rescuers. If you would like to meet KIKI please phone GDR 0400 219 719.
  • STEVE - 13 weeks old and ready to go to his new home. Brother of Sebie.
  • CHELLO is a medium size mixed breed female, approximately 7 months old. Chello was a very scared pup when she came to GDR but look at her now! With plenty of kindness, boundaries and introductions to new things Chello has come along in leaps and bounds and it's all about belly rubs and smiles. Chello loves to play and have a romp with another playful pup but may not be suited to a home with an elderly dog as there is plenty spring in her step and another dog means play time, although it doesn't last for long. Chello will also make a great companion to any home where her can get some exercise and curl up at your feet when you are home - she is ever so gentle and has been great with children in her foster home.
  • SEBIE - 13 weeks old and ready to find his new home.

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Please check out the dogs that are currently available at Geraldton Dog Rescue here to see if your new canine companion is patiently waiting for you today! If your dog preference isn't shown, please contact 0400 219 719 and speak with the coordinator to let them know what you are looking for - because tomorrow the perfect pooch may turn up.

It is a requirement of Geraldton Dog Rescue that anybody who is considering adopting one of our dogs, completes a rehoming questionnaire over the phone with one of our coordinators. This questionnaire helps us to determine which dog will be appropriate for your home and ensures our dogs will be adopted into a home suitable for them.

"Rescuing a dog from a shelter is a wonderful way to give a dog a second chance at life, and find yourself a new best friend". It is important that you select a dog that suits your family and lifestyle.

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